Regulatory Affairs Manager

A regulatory affairs manager is responsible for managing the regulatory process for getting a company’s products approved for sale. This may include for example the package leaflet for the approved medications, ensuring that they meet the local legislative requirements. The regulatory affairs manager ensures that the company’s products meet all relevant regulatory requirements. A Regulatory Affairs Manager works with the regulatory agencies (EMA European Medicine Agency, BfArM in Germany, AGES in Austria, Swissmedic in Switzerland) to obtain the necessary approvals.

Some specific tasks and responsibilities that a Regulatory Affairs Manager may have:

  • Managing the regulatory strategy for the company’s products: The regulatory affairs manager develops and implements a plan for getting the products approved for sale, taking into account the relevant regulations and the company’s business goals.
  • Preparing and submitting regulatory submissions: The regulatory affairs manager prepares and submits documents to regulatory agencies such as the EMA European Medicine Agency to request approval for the company’s products. This may include applications for new drug approvals, medical device approvals, or changes to existing products.
  • Tracking and managing the progress of regulatory submissions: The regulatory affairs manager monitors the status of regulatory submissions and follows up with regulatory agencies as needed to ensure that the process is moving forward.
  • Maintaining a deep understanding of relevant regulations: The regulatory affairs manager stays up-to-date on regulatory requirements and how they may impact the company’s products.
  • Communicating with regulatory agencies: The regulatory affairs manager serves as a point of contact with regulatory agencies, answering questions and providing additional information as needed.
  • Collaborating with other teams within the company: The regulatory affairs manager works with other teams such as research and development, manufacturing, and quality control to ensure that the company’s products meet the regulatory requirements.


Candidates for a regulatory affairs manager position typically have a scientific or technical background, such as a degree in biology, biotechnology, life sciences, medicine, chemistry, or engineering. They should also have strong communication and project management skills. Experience in regulatory affairs or a related field is often preferred but not always necessary.

Other terms for this job-profile

There are a few different job titles that may be used for a regulatory affairs manager, including regulatory affairs director, regulatory affairs specialist, and regulatory affairs associate. The specific job title may depend on the size and structure of the company, as well as the individual’s level of experience and responsibility.

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