lifes-science-Karriere Services Foto:(c) Maheus Bertelli, pexels.comNumerous career opportunities open up for graduates of life science training. Beyond science one can work in management, production, sales, jounalism, policy advice, public administration and much more.

We were delighted to host the discussion on career opportunities for life scientists in research and beyond in cooperation with FH-Campus Vienna. Many thanks to all panelists, to the organisation team of the FH-Campus Vienna and the participants for their interested questions.

Job opportunities outer of research but close connected

Most graduates of bio sciences are well informed about career paths in science and research, but less on beyond. Only a few of the global pharmaceutical companies run research laboratories in Austria. The pharmaceutical industry in Austria is mainly active in sales. Even so all of them offer a lot of job opportunities to life scientists such as in marketing, production, quality assurance or medical affairs. Always you need a life science background or it’s at least a great advantage. Kreppl-Friedbichler and Pleiner-Duxneuner, both Roche Pharma, gave an overview on the various job opportunities and their main tasks e.g Medical Advisor, Product Manager, Scientific Writer, Regulatory Affairs Manager and more. Kail, globe personal service, encouraged to search for jobs across the whole health sector, furthermore in environment, waste management or food production and nutrition. All these sectors need bio scientists. Tüchler, MedMedia, presented scientific journalism as an exciting journey from one research highlight to the next. A scientific journalist gets insight in the latest research results. Gnaiger, Oroboros Instruments, pointed out that a scientific career is like an adventure. It offers no job security. It is hardly predictable and one has to be enthusiastic about it.

Don’t leave undone tasks behind

The graduates of the FH-Campus Wien Stark, Sandler and Plawecki shared their working experiences with the audience. They were of the same mind that their training suited the demands of their jobs well. Sandler, AGES, realizes a great difference whether he works in a company or in public administration. Sandler pointed out not to concern about changing a job as long as you can explain that was not because of a weakness on your part. And if you switch, don’t terminate your job with conflicts, don’t leave undone tasks behind.

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