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The AUROX® Headband is technically able to generate temperatures between 8 °C and 43 °C always and everywhere without any preparations. 4 cooling spots on forehead and temples are placed at the center and the uppermost branche of the trigeminal nerve. Two vibrators for additional massaging function can be controlled by an App and bring fully ralaxation.

The uppermost branch of the head’s trigeminal nerve (see illustration 1) is called ophthalmic and is often the cause for discomfort and headache. The AUROX® Headband has 4 cooling spots: two on the forehead (where the nerve exits to the heads surface) and two on the temples (center of the nerve). Customized temperature curves on these four sensitive points are precisely controlled to the user’s needs. Tests have shown that up to approximately 17 minutes cooling has the greatest relaxing effect. Two integrated coin vibrators are controlled by µ-controllers to softly massage the temples of the user. Synchronized cooling and soft vibration (depending on the chosen program) feels like a refreshing temple massage and is not comparable to any other available product.


Medical study: In our medical studies, conducted by Prof. Dr. Med. Peter Valentin Tomazic (University Hospital Graz) in 2016, the following results were obtained:

1)  People enjoy cooling between 13.5 °C and 23.4 °C (the forehead is more sensitive than the temples).

2)  Recommended time for acute headache: soft interval cooling over 11 to 17 minutes.

3)  Additional effect of cooling: Not only pleasant feeling, but also very refreshing and reviving.

Pioneering technology: None of our competitors were able to technically develop a compact portable cooling device without overheating or using heavy water coolers or fan blowers. After three years of R&D, we are the very first who have solved complex thermal management problems (heat convection, thermoelectric power consumption, weight, etc.) with an aluminum alloy that contains magnesium and silicon (AlMgSi1). AUROX® Headband uses 12 temperature sensors for highest safety and to ensure perfect temperature regulation. It also stays dry and works completely noiseless. The two integrated batteries can provide a minimum of three hours of permanent cooling. Aurox’ protected core technology (thermoelectric cooling for life-science applications) can be transferred straight to other products that are in pipeline. Same manufacturers, materials and one clear design language should achieve a recognition value.

As seen in illustration 2, the outstanding, patented technology in the field of thermal management and heat dissipation is based on the large-area dissipation to the surrounding air. By using AlMgSi1 it is possible to combine the heat spreading and the flexibility in one, so the weight of the headband could be reduced to a lightwight of 115 g. It was important to keep the heat transfer as small as possible and to reduce the thickness of the thermo pad. While the thermopads have a conductivity of 6 watts / mKelvin, the AlMgSi1 has a conductivity of 200 watts / mKelvin. Micro-bumps are compensated with a thermal grease, so that it comes to the direct contact of the components, so the air is displaced as an insulator. To ensure the possibility of bending the headband, all components are made of flexible material.

Development stage: The latest prototype is working in an operational environment (TRL-7). With our software we can define different temperature and vibration patterns which will be applied by the headband. Test subjects from our study stated that it is a very surprising and pleasant feeling when for instance the temples get cooled while the forehead gets warm. People are used to ice packs, but not to the feeling of temperature changes or having one spot cooled and the other warmed. The AUROX® Headband is technically able to generate temperatures between 8 °C and 43 °C.  Three redundant safety-stages (software, hardware and a safety fuse) ensure that this temperature range will never be exceeded.

The app has an intuitive UX-Design and makes it possible to choose from pre-defined cooling programs. An integrated diary allows tracking of important information to understand each one´s conditions in order to learn how to better cope with discomforts. The AUROX® App works on Android and IOS.


Christoph Schöggler
Aurox GmbH