About Saren Tasciyan

Hi, I’m Saren Tasciyan or Taşçıyan or Թաշճեան. I am split between science and technology. I love switching between science and technology. I studied immunology and infection biology. Currently, I am doing my PhD in cancer cell migration and biophysics at Institute of Science and Technology Austria. For my project I develop microfluidic devices and do lot’s of live cell imaging and image analysis (ImageJ macros, machine learning and R). As a side project I developed an application to analyze particle tracking data for end users. In my free time, I make 3D designs, print them, put some electronics in it, make software, try to hack stuff. I have been learning about 3D printing since 6-7 years and electronics since 4-5 years. Besides, I like to play and extract meaning out of data. A long while ago I have made a software to catch lightnings. You can find those photos on my FlickR page. During my university years, I started a business on the side to provide a variety of IT solutions mostly to science related entities. Feel free to contact me if you want to chat about that.

Jamming! Jamming everywhere!

2023-01-16T14:12:23+01:00February 15th, 2021|

I wonder, what you think of jamming, when you first see the word without context. Hackers, electronics people probably think of jamming radio signals. Decrease the signal-to-noise ratio and prevent two devices to talk with [...]

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