The Magic Triangle

universities – companies – graduates >  a circuit that strenghtens one another.

  • Companies need properly educated employees for long term success. <-> Graduates in turn are looking for successful companies which can offer them attractive career opportunities.
  • To receive an offer for an attractive job, graduates require a high qualifying education which meets the practical need of the employer. Such a profound and wide education based on the latest scientific knowledge is offered by the universities.
  • Universities are in the need of resources to enable research and teaching. Companies can offer those resources and, in return, receive access to innovative technologies and the know-how generated by universities. To launch innovative products in the global market, companies are furthermore in the need of properly educated graduates which can apply the technologies.

What does life-science Karriere Services do?

The job market services of focus on bio scientists and supports recruiters in their efforts to find specially educated employees. Graduates in turn find resources where they get a view on companies searching for applicants with a life-sciences background. A huge number of specialists meet a lot of companies  that are searching for graduates.

The networking events address as well researcher, manager, leader, opinion leader, decission maker in economy, science as well young professionals. You will find plenty jof time and space to get in touch and initiate business and collaborations.

You find reports, news about the industry and noteworthy scientific developments. We inform young professionals and graduates about the employers’ requirements and their expectations of potential applicants and finally employees. life-science supports you with tips and helpful information for your career

What’s your benefit?

You don’t want to screen all job-ads first to know whether they correspond to your background or not. On you can search in accordance to your education. You enter your qualification and the matching jobs will be displayed. You might be surprised what other jobs you will find, that you never thought about.

You know how different and specialized the qualifications of life-scientists can be. On you are able to address a huge amount of specific educated potential employees with professional experiences, as well as young graduates.

Due to life-science’s specialization, you will very efficiently reach a maximum number of high qualified applicants.

We would like to develop individual solutions and projects with you. Get in touch with us.

Not only the members of highly complex research projects are interconnected, but even every company is linked to different surroundings. At the life-science-success, you can meet renowned researchers from institutes and companies in the fields of: medicine, health, food, environment, environment technology and similar. You will meet CEOs and decision makers with whom you can exchange information, experiences and initiate collaborations.

Already during their education, students learn what qualifications are required so they can acquire those competences needed for their desired professional path. This allows them to be properly prepared when applying for a certain job.

They can concentrate on their studies or profession and when it’s time for the next or first career step, they will find helpful information for their success on

At life-science Karriere Services, real people take care of your concerns. When you contact life-science, you don’t deal with machines, but rather speak with real people.

Our Mission / Vision

  • Building bridges
    It is our aim to bring those people together who can complement each other and succeed more easily together. We want to support you in finding the specific position, task or envoronment where you can perform at your best. We want to support the companies in finding the person best matching their requirements.

  • Social Responsibility
    We feel sincerely responsible to pass on a livable world to the generations after us. Social responsibility begins with personal responsibility and is reflected in the small, everyday actions.

  • Only Good News are Good News
    We are exposed daily to a flood of negative or irrelevant information, information that takes up our time and sometimes leaves us depressed. At we report on research and innovation, on positive developments and opportunities. We want to highlight opportunities, spread confidence and empower people. People with perspectives are positive, inspiring and motivating.

Who’s responsible for life-science Karriere Services

life-science Karriere Services is a private company founded and built by Dipl.-Ing. Gisela Zechner .

We warmly thank our clients and partners for their confidence and the fine long-term relationship.
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